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Helen Hummel hails from the green mountains of Vermont. Surrounded by the rural landscape and her musical family, Helen learned to treasure music, visual art, and nature. She took piano lessons in grade school and moved on to guitar lessons in high school, singing alone and in choral groups throughout. During summer breaks from college, Helen exchanged farm work for formal vocal coaching and continued writing songs with earnest.

After College, Helen moved around New England, supporting her pursuit of music with various jobs: in a copy shop in Middlebury, VT; as a parking garage attendant in Portland, ME; a cashier in a Burlington, VT Co-op. All the time she experimented with new musical styles, writing methods, and visual art techniques.

In search of new experiences, warmer weather, and greater musical opportunities, Helen moved with her sister across the country to Los Angeles, CA, in 2013. For just under three years, Helen earned her living working in a natural food store and spent the rest of her time bringing her Vermont tunes into a variety of LA venues: in The Viper Room on Sunset Strip and sunny farmers markets; in Hollywood coffee shops and dive bars; sometimes on the street in Santa Monica.

In 2016, ready to record a full length album but missing the natural surroundings of her upbringing, Helen moved back to New England in search of the right recording studio. For the next nine months she traveled between her home in Vermont to A Happy Farm in New Hampshire, where she exchanged farm work for recording time. She spent a winter, spring, and summer helping to rebuild a greenhouse, sowing seeds, and prepping beds, earning hours in the nearby Musician’s Mission Studio. This organic route to recording her first, full length album fell perfectly in line with the natural sounds and feelings of Many Waters. Helen ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to help cover the costs of mixing, mastering, manufacturing, and promotion of the album. She also designed and created the album artwork and promotional videos.

Now officially released, Helen takes Many Waters on the road throughout Vermont and greater New England, hoping to meet new people and other musicians, further her craft, maybe even form a band.

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